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Why Emily Ley Products are Simply the Best

Printables, planners, and calendars are some of my favorite products to create (click here to see my Printables). There’s a ton of free resources available on Pinterest too (follow my Printables board here). But there is nothing like an Emily Ley binder or planner. All of their products are hot, but I had to do a quick review on two of their most famous and my favorite products.

I don’t know what I would do without my household binder. This binder helps me keep up with my expenses, managing my schedule, and plan meals. Emily Ley’s Home Based Binder can help you do this and more.

Emily Ley Binder

Back by popular demand, Emily Ley’s Home Based Binder is in stock with a new cover design – navy blue linen. This binder is the ultimate home management system. Included in the kit is their signature 11×11 binder, an inside pocket, 90 pages, and 6 dividers. That’s everything you need to keep track of home, family, and everything in between. You aren’t limited to the worksheets included, Emily Ley has a free printables resource library that you can use and punch holes into. Do you have worksheets that you currently use? You can insert them into this binder to customize it to your liking. Get yours today before they are gone…again!

Being as though it is back to school season, this planner has returned just in the “nick of time” and it is one of my favorites. I cannot tell you how much I love printables and planners! As a school counselor, organization is extremely important. Educators love a good planner; we literally live by them! Yes there are a ton of free planners out there but if you’d rather purchase one, check out Emily Ley’s The Simplified Planner.

Simplified Planner, Emily Ley, Daily Planner

The Simplified Planner comes in four designs and is available in a daily format and a weekly format. These planners sell out very quickly! To better organize your planner, you can purchase an accessory bundle that comes with 8 rolls of washi tape, pineapple paper clips, and 6 pages of flag stickers. This planner is not just for educators. If you are a woman on the go, then this planner is for you!

Click on the links, check out these products, and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below!


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