Suddenly Single: Brokenhearted

Just like any new chapter in life, there are phases. If you read my first post for The Suddenly Single Chronicles then you may be aware that I was inspired to write about my dating and relationship experiences. Heartbreak is probably the hardest phase to get over, at least for me it is. What I can’t understand is, how do you get over a relationship that never really was a relationship? Then I realized, it’s not the ending of this non-relationship that has me feeling brokenhearted, it’s the man that I grew an emotional attachment to that has me feeling this way.


It’s amazing how hearing a song play on the radio can bring you to tears. No matter how many times you tell yourself you are going to be okay, you can never seem to get over the feeling of being brokenhearted. You might hit the gym, go to church, bury yourself into your work, or even try and meet someone else but that ache you feel is still there at the end of the day. You know there is a silver lining, but[…]

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