Punta Cana: How I Prepared to Travel Alone, Where I Stayed, and What I Did

After my trip to South Beach Miami in February 2017 for my 40th birthday, I caught the “travel bug” and I knew instantly that this was the first of many vacations I planned to take. Being a school counselor, I’m lucky enough to have the summers off and after talking with a coworker who traveled to the Dominican Republic alone the previous summer, I felt that this would be a great destination for not only my first solo trip but also for my first international trip.

Punta Cana

Once I decided that Punta Cana was going to happen I immediately began to research places to stay. With the options being endless, I of course turned to Facebook to ask for recommendations. I received very little suggestions and when researching them, I didn’t feel 100% about whether or not they met my needs.

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The Holiday Shopping List that You Can’t Live Without

It’s that time of year again! The holiday shopping season is upon us. Almost everyday a new Black Friday ad or circular shows up in my mailbox along with a ton of emails and app notifications. As I look at all the cool things that will be on sale, I’m thinking about the gifts I have to buy for family, friends, and co-workers but I haven’t been writing down any of these great gift ideas. What better way to plan your gift shopping than with this perfect Holiday Gift Shopping List.

Holiday Gift Shopping List

I love this easy to use list! I even added a box where you can add your budget and the total amount spent that way you can see if you spent more than you planned or have a little left over to buy yourself something nice.

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