How My Blog Became Suddenly Savage

So, I’ve been asked, what is Suddenly Savage? What is the meaning behind it? How did you decide on that name for your blog?

Naming my blog

Well…the truth is, I’m a Savage. Let me clarify, my last name is Savage. So that explains where the Savage portion of Suddenly Savage comes from. So why Suddenly? After 18 years of motherhood, I realized that suddenly, I’ll have one daughter leaving for college in the fall. Then suddenly it hit me, in another five years, I will be sending my youngest daughter off to college. One day I’ll wake up and suddenly I will be alone, an empty-nester, the only Savage here. I guess Suddenly One Savage would have worked but I instantly gravitated to Suddenly Savage.

So there you have it! That is how Suddenly Savage was born. I would love to hear how you came up with you blog’s name and the story behind it. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Having trouble starting your blog or deciding on what to call it? I found a ton of help on getting started. I recommend checking out the websites listed below. These ladies offer a ton of advice and free courses to get you started (I have taken one from each of them). Feel free to share resources […]

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