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Simplistic Teacher Binder Bundle

It’s finally here! I have finally finished my first printable and I couldn’t be more excited about it. In my last post, I explained how excited I was to discover my love for creating printable documents. I was actually working on my first one when it hit me, I enjoy doing this.

Simplistic Teacher Binder

For my first printable, I decided to create the ever-so-popular teacher binder. I’m a school counselor and I remember one of the first things I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) during my first year as a school counselor was an editable counselor binder that contained documents and calendars I could type events and dates into. I loved it because my handwriting is not the best and typing it in looks so much better.

Teachers love calendars and customized documents and so do I. This bundle can be edited to your liking. You can add your name to some of the forms, fill in your class roster, add events to the monthly calendar, or take notes during a staff meeting. Print what you need to make the ultimate teacher’s binder. And did I mention that the colors and graphics are simplistic and cute with a hint of pink? Well they are and trust me, you will look preppy showing up on the first day of school ready to rock and roll.

Everything you need and more is included in this binder. There are section dividers and tabs that work great together. I prefer to print my section dividers and tabs on card-stock for extra durability. But you can use any type of copy paper. All you have to do is attach the matching tab to the section divider to help you find your documents with ease. There are two binder spine options, one with the school year and one without the school year on it.Binder Spine and Tabs

Can’t wait to get your own copy of this beautiful printable!? The Simplistic Teacher Binder Bundle can be purchased from my TpT Store or my Etsy Shop. Not ready to purchase the whole binder bundle just yet? No worries! Download a free copy of the Weekly Lesson Plan section of the binder here.

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Have a great idea for a purposeful printable? Share your thoughts and ideas!

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