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Why You Should Use Canva

Though I am new to blogging, one of the resources I am excited and happy to have stumbled upon is Canva. If you are a beginning blogger like me, you have searched and found a ton of blog how-to’s on Pinterest (click here to follow my Pinterest Blogging Board). I’m always saving posts on blogging! Well here are some of the ways I use and why you should use it too.

Why I love Canva and you should too

I would visit all of these great websites about blogging with these awesome graphics and wonder, where are they getting these wonderful images from? Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of other great websites to get images for free or for a fee, but Canva allows you to add your personal touch to their ready-made graphics.

When I decided to update my blog logo, I turned to Canva. If you are not sure where to begin as far as colors or graphics for your blog, then visit Canva for inspiration. There are a ton of stock photos that are free and there are some that cost as low as $1. Their font options are great too! If they don’t have a font you like or that you already use as part of your brand, you may be able to upload it into Canva. You can upload your own images as well.

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If you check out my previous posts, you will see that I use Canva in almost all of them including this one (the I love Canva graphic above). I use these graphics not only as cover art but to also promote my posts on social media.

How my blog cover photo

Speaking of social Media. I used Canva to create my Facebook , YouTube, Twitter, and Google cover art. Have an Etsy Shop? You can use Canva to design that too. This is the graphic I use for my YouTube channel. This image came straight from Canva! I changed the font and colors to fit my blog’s color scheme.

YouTube Channel graphic

I love blogging but my 9 to 5 consists of me being a School Counselor. I have been looking for posters with confidentiality and group rules to hang in my office. In the past I just wrote these rules on my dry erase board. Well this year, I wanted something more personalized and colorful.

I immediately turned to Canva to create the perfect graphic. Once I created the perfect graphic, I turned them into the perfect posters using Vista Print. Uploading the documents I created on Canva into Vista Print was easy. I purchased two 11″ x 17″ posters, which only cost me $5 each! For durability, I’m going to laminate them so they look new for many years to come. I uploaded my own background for the Group Rules poster but the Confidentiality poster background came right from Canva. Click on any of these graphics to save and share.

Group Rules PosterConfidentiality Poster

If I haven’t convinced you of why you should be using Canva, then check it out for yourself. Head on over to Canva, create a free account, and get hooked on creating some awesome graphics of your own.

Already using Canva? Leave a comment and share some ways in which you use Canva.

Please keep in mind, I have not received any endorsements from Canva to promote their website or products. Nor am I am expert on how to use Canva. These are just some ways in which I have used Canva to help promote my blog and my brand.

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