How Finding a Niche Changed My Blog

As a new blogger, I have been doing a ton of research on how to start a blog and get it all set up and ready to go. I have gotten a ton of great tips and step by step guides like this one at Building a Framework, on almost everything from deciding on a domain name to earning money.

I know first hand that all of this research and information can be overwhelming, but there is one thing that kept popping up in almost all of the posts that I read and that is the importance of finding your blog niche. Some bloggers admit to blogging for years before figuring this out and I thought I would never figure out mine.

Finding a Blog Niche

To my surprise, I was reading a blog post written by Morgan Timm called The Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest, and in one section she mentions group boards on Pinterest. I had no idea they existed! It’s like some secret underground society of amazingness. While on there, I came across a group board that really caught my attention and that was the Free Printables Board. Oddly enough, I am working on my first free printable (stay tuned).

That spark you get when you find the perfect home or you try on that perfect wedding dress and you instantly fall in love; well I got that feeling. I had found my niche, something I love, which is creating beautiful documents for everyday life such as calendars, budget trackers, and documents for educators like the ones I’ve created as a school counselor.

Finding my blog niche not only inspired me, but it gave me direction and other ideas that can potentially bring in some funds. Of course with this great power also comes a huge responsibility such as revamping my blog and all of my social media bios and logos. But this is a small price to pay in exchange for the excitement I have for blogging now.

I would like to hear how you discovered your blog niche or any resources you’ve used. Leave a comment!

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